Here is a poster I plan to post throughout the youth areas to help students think through what their next step would be in stretching and strengthening their faith.   The list generally progresses top to bottom from benchmarks of new faith to benchmarks of a maturing faith, but a student wouldn’t need to move strictly top to bottom.  The list is meant to provoke thought and discussion about the forward motion of a student’s faith.


If you can’t read the poster, here is the raw text.

How can i stretch and strengthen my faith for the Glory of Christ and the benefit of others?  What is my next step? Do I need help taking it?

  • GO PUBLIC for Jesus after believing in Jesus thru BAPTISM.
  • Get a good BIBLE or study bible if possible
  • Begin the habit of PRAYING to God as a natural life rhythm
  • Start digesting God’s WORD at home with family or alone
  • Get connected in Christian COMMUNITY and look for    opportunities to SERVE to others inside and outside church.
  • INVITE PEOPLE to join you where JESUS is talked about
  • Outline your story or TESTIMONY of becoming a Christ follower. Try to do it in 3 minutes.
  • MEMORIZE the ROMANS ROAD, 4 passages from the letter of   romans in the Bible that you can use to help explain the gospel.
  • Practice SEEKING WISDOM in God’s Word and from godly parents, peers, and pastors in decision-making.
  • Make GROWING IN CHRISTLIKENESS a priority by examining the scriptures to know how to live and by  WELCOMING ACCOUNTABILITY or watch-care from people who love you want you to grow.
  • Pray and seek out a DISCIPLE-MAKING      relationship or many.  Find a young or      immature Christian, teach the, and MODEL for them how to follow Christ.
  • GO on a MISSION TRIP here or abroad!
  • Become a STUDENT OF CORE DOCTINES of the faith.  Cultivate a Biblical Worldview so that you can be conversant with culture and talk about how THE GOSPEL is important in redeeming the world around us.


5 Reasons Why You Definitely Should Sign Your Student Up for CrossLIFE University

crosslifeuniversity_5reasonsyou SHOULD1. Because our students are being confronted with cynical and even hostile questions about Christianity at a younger age than any generation before them.

2.Because students who don’t have their personal questions answered or feel free to ask questions are more likely to abandon the faith.

3.  Because students who are well equipped are better positioned to minister to and rescue friends who are being drawn away from the faith by clever or deceptive arguments.

4.  Because our students live in a time when sentimentalism is elevated over truth.  Even kids who know the answers are tempted to lay down their convictions to be liked.  We will address that at CrossLIFE U!

5. Because if a student loses confidence in the Bible, it will lead to a loss of confidence in the gospel, which will have a generational (and eternal) impact on your family.


Why you don’t need to sign your students up for CrossLIFE University!


In no particular order…

  1. Because your student is never going to have their faith challenged.

  2. Because your student already has the answers to any tough question the world might ask them.

  3. Because they will never doubt their faith.

  4. Because they don’t have any friends who will need help understanding the Christian faith

  5. Because sleeping in one more day before school starts is what they really need.

Rising 6th Grade E-letter

gospel101_group_jacksonetcHey Parents of rising 6th graders!

Hope you are enjoying your summer.  Here are a few things to be thinking about, putting on your calendar.
1.  Keep up with the news! If you haven’t already, keep up with news by signing up for emails   and texts.  Text @vbc4christ to 81010  Or join the facebook group
2.  VBS is this week and your students would still have a class.  Usually, during the week, I will join them and chat and take them on a tour of the youth cafe.  I’m hoping we will have some extra prospects who need to get connected to a youth group.
3.  CrossLIFE University and Tiger Bash on Aug. 7th
 Several of you have asked about CrossLIFE Unviersity and if it would be appropriate for rising 6th graders.  I think it would be.  The earlier they are hearing solid arguments to defend the faith, the better.
I know TigerBash starts at 2:30 pm.   We had the same situation last year and our students left CrossLIFE University to go to Tiger Bash just in time.  Our last speaker is the one who is probably the “weightiest” so I think it will work our just fine for them to miss the last session.
GET REGISTERED THOUGH!  We have a few free shirts left for early registrants.  Click here
4.  Sunday School Meeting on Aug. 6th at 9:30 am That sunday we will have a joint youth/parent breakfast, sunday school/worship information gathering.  We will talk about the upcominig semester and various ways to serve, learn, have fun together.   If you can bring something for bfast that would be great.    We will meet in the cafe, then go to the worship area.
5.  New Sunday School classes on Aug. 13th at 9:30 am.   For all practical purposes the students will be promoted in sunday school on the 6th.  But on the 13th they will be with their new teachers.    If you are receiving this and you don’t have an adult Sunday School class this might be a good time to jump in.  Let me know if you would like me to steer you toward some options so you can connect with other people and grow in your faith.
6.  GOSPEL 101.  if your student hasn’t taken gospel 101, let me know.  I am doing on this Thursday at 11 am.  This has been a wonderful experience for me to get to know students and help them know more about the gospel.  If Thursday doesn’t work, let me know what would be a good time.
7.    Help us reach out!  Lot’s of parents, including many dechurched folks, get nervous about their kids going into middle school.  This is a great time to reach out to dechurched or unchurched folks about getting involved in a youth group.  Consider inviting them to sign up to get text alerts or emails about events.
8.  Family Devotions.   If your family has not been in the habit of doing family devotions, I highly recommend Exporing Grace together.  You can do it in just a few minutes at bfast or just before bed.
Hope this is helpful!
Kevin Bacon Hash

CrossLIFE University / Monday, August 7th / Versailles Baptist Church

Crosslife University - postcard 2017For the second year in a row, Versailles Baptist Church is hosting a conference for students to equip them with answers in a cultural that is confronting their faith more aggressively and earlier than previous generations have experienced.   CrossLIFE U. Flyer.crossLIFE_banner_registerbutton

This year our focus will be largely on defending and answering hard questions about God’s Word.   We will have three main sessions with Todd Thomas from Center Point Church in Lexington, Matthew Spandler-Davison, a pastor and church planter from Scottland, and Dr. Timothy Paul Jones .   We have have a breakout sessions on specific hard questions related to scripture led by various pastors and leaders in the area.

The conference is only $10, which basically covers the cost of donuts and lunch and some printed materials.  So, essentially, most of the program costs are being provided by Versailles Baptist Church.

If you think you will bring a group, contact or call him at 270-320-2346.   He can answer any of your questions.  If you can give us a rough estimate on numbers by July 31st that would be great, but we won’t turn anyone away.  At the latest, give us numbers by August 4th, just so we can have enough donuts for everyone.

Below you can read our schedule to get a feel for the flow of the day.

8:15 am           sign-in, breakfast: donuts / fruit

8:45am             Worship & session 1 With Todd Thomas

9:40 am           Breakout 1: Hard questions.

10:30 am          Snack break

10:45 am          Session 2: Matthew Spandler-Davison

11:15 am          Q & A Panel.  Students text in questions

11:45 am           Cookout and games in parking lot

1:00 pm             Breakout 2: various options to choose from

1:50 pm              Session 3: Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

2:30 pm             Final Q & A Panel. Students text in questions

3:15 pm             Closing Celebration!

Students can fellowship and play games in the parking lot till 4 pm or leave after closing celebration.

A sampling of topics that are likely to be addressed in either large or small group settings.

  • Why should I trust the Bible?
  • Does the Bible contradict itself?
  • Can I reconcile Scripture and Science?
  • Why does the world hate my Bible?
  • Does believing my Bible make me a hater?
  • Do Christians pick and choose which parts of the Bible to obey?
  • Does the Bible really teach Jesus is the only way to get to God?
  • What are the most common scriptures that get twisted or abused?







An evening with our new friend from the middle east…

WOW youth emblem

Tonight our youth and a few of our parents worshiped together and heard the testimony of a new friend from the Middle East. He came to VBC tonight with one of his pastors who would help him tell his story to us by asking him questions.

Here are some bullet points from his story and some concluding thoughts.

  • He comes from a background where it is illegal to stop being a Muslim, it can put your life in danger.
  • He saw a friend in an English class in his home country with a Bible, he asked about it and his friend gave him the Bible.  He began to read it until his uncle discovered it and took it away.
  • He decided to get an English Bible for safety and that motivated him to learn English faster.
  • He secretly attended a Christian church before coming to America to further his education.
  • He was baptized by a sister church in the area.
  • His family still doesn’t know of his decision to follow Christ, he is praying about how and when to let people know about his decision.
  • A passage from the Sermon on the Mount was instrumental in his decision.
  • God is able to save anyone, don’t assume anyone is too far off to be saved.
  • Don’t underestimate the impact you might have on a muslim friend by being kind and being a good example of what a Christ follower is to be.

One of the reasons I bring in speakers from international backgrounds during the summer (Scotland, Norway, Mexico, Egypt, Middle Eastern Region, India) is so that our youth will understand how the gospel transforms in a variety of cultures, and that God is mighty to save.

Missional Monday Schedule for June 19 // Small Group Gathering Times


Missional Monday June 19th


Wonderful new missional opportunity with students/adults with special needs. 

We have been approved to assist with a camp students/adults with disabilities on Monday which gives us more options.
1. make sandwiches for the homeless 2. recreation with elementary students/ 9 square  3. Be a swimming buddy for a camper with special needs. Bring $4 to swimand 1 piece suit (camp rules).
4. If there are some who would like to stay and serve at Feed the Hungry at 3 pm (opting out of bowling).  We would like to accommodate you if we have another adult with a van who can drive from Feed the Hungry back to the church. (parents, can one of you bring a van and drive?)

Our fun activity will be to go bowling, bring $5.

Schedule looks like this.
11:15 am Praise team practice for those interested.

12:00 pm Missional Monday meets and has devotion time.

12:20 pm Leave for Lexington to work at Hope Center, Castlewood Park, and pool. If you are going to help be a swim buddy you MUST have a 1 piece suit. (camp director’s rules)

3:00 pm Leave the park for bowling. Bring $5.

3:00 pm Some youth go to Feed the Hungry (if we have extra van/driver)  If you know you want to do this LET ME KNOW. First to respond more likely get to do it.

5:30 pm Both Bowling and Feed the Hungry groups return to church.

See last week’s pictures here.  


6:30 PM Travis Freeman in the sanctuary, a church-wide event.  

This week youth have the option to join the rest of the church in the sanctuary to hear Travis Freeman.  He is the man the movie 23 Blast was based on and his unique story as a blind football player.  Starts at 6:30 pm   So… there is no food before worship this week.
Next week, June 28th we will have a special guest, a young convert from Islam.  We cannot publish his name.  We will have grilled burgers on the 28th and play games in the parking lot.

GOSPEL 101 for 6th & 7th graders Wednesday.  

We will do a repeat of the material for those who couldn’t come last week.  The tentative plan is from 11 am to 12:30 pm (snacks and lunch included).  RSVP to if your student can participate.

7th & 8th Grade Girls meet with Mandy at Starbucks for Authentic Love study at 10 am.

High School Girls at Emily Hicks  at 630 pm  (8060 Troy Pike) till 8 pm.
–  Food: Trail mix bar: Bring either pretzels, M&MS, Goldfish, Raisins, Chex Mix, Peanuts, Sour Patch Kids, etc)
High School Boys at the Hesters at 645 pm to 8:15 pm  (101 Rumsey Circle, Unit A)
– guys if you can bring something salty or a 2 liter that would be great