Middle School Retreat – Sept. 29 – 30

hello! we need families of middle schoolers and their friends to get their registration in middleschool_breakout_4by3for the retreat asap.  By the way, registration = payment. We rarely do a sign-up sheet because lots of students sign-up spontaneously without knowing if they are free. Payments are a better gauge of who really plans to come.  The cost is $35.

Please bring your payment for the retreat in by this Wednesday or Sunday. Or go online and pay your registration fee.

  1.  Online Registration and Online Payment –> CLICK HERE If you need scholarship help toward camp, let Kevin know.
  2. We do have a permission/liability form as well, that needs to be filled out and notarized. You can notarize it at church during office hours or do so on your own. https://kevinbryanhash.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/vbc-comprehensive-annual-permission-form.pdf
  3. Parents, if you would like to volunteer or help drive or help drive that would be great!
  4. Students can bring snacks on the trip, but should also bring a Bible, sleeping bags or linens, and a pillow…. and toiletries.
  5. We are meeting at church at 2 pm Saturday and returning at 2 pm on Sunday.

Note: i know some students have sports conflicts.  The retreat is not super far away if you would like drop your student off at Camp when you are free.  I know we drive our kids all over creation to get to meets and games, this would be worth the extra effort if you cannot get out of a scheduled practice or game to leave when the rest of the group is leaving.

FYI, we will do Mega Quest a little later in the evening on Saturday if you are wondering if you will miss it. Kavanah https://campkavanaugh.org/



Books and Bios for Our Speakers for the Christ & Culture Conference for Students

Christ & Culture 2018_revised.pngchrist_culture_speakerpictures

Books by Christopher Yuan

Out of a Far Country


Coming this fall… Holy Sexuality and the Gospel 


Upcoming book by Curtis Woods

The Gospel in Color: A Theology for Racial Reconciliation for Families  Comes out on July 19, 2018









Books By Dan Dewitt

Jesus or Nothing


Life in the Wild: Fighting for Faith in a Fallen World


Christ or Chaos




“5 Good Things for Kids to be Nosy About” or rather, “Stuff Parents Should Share with their Kids”

As parents we are commanded not to exasperate our children.  One thing that exasperates young people is when parents set expectations for their kids that they don’t seem to be striving for themselves. Or … at least their kids don’t think their parents are striving.

I had a parent a long time ago tell me that they always encouraged their teen to read the Bible and pray, but one time they replied in a snit, “I don’t ever see you read your Bible.”

Well, the truth was that the mom did read her Bible and pray faithfully, before her daughter woke up.  Even though the mom told her that, she was skeptical.  So, one morning she got up early and snuck downstairs.  Sure enough, her mom was in her reading chair with Bible open and pen in hand taking notes.   She also saw her praying fervently.

Thinking back to that story made me brainstorm some other areas where it would be good for our students to be nosy about what their parents are doing.   Actually, a better idea would be for parents to proactively and transparently share with their kids about their habits and struggles in spiritual growth.

Below are 5 things — you can probably think of many more — that would be a good starting point for parents.  Not only could sharing these 5 things help guard our children against exasperation, but it could perhaps encourage them and give them a flesh and blood picture of what a Christian walk looks like, because, parents, you are exhibit-A for them.

  1. What you are reading?  Share with them what you are reading, whether you are reading through a book of the Bible, a book about the Bible, a devotional, or a book about something in the Bible from a Christian author.  Share with them why you are reading what you are reading.  Give them some highlights of what you have learned.   Kids get exasperated when they are expected to be learning and they don’t see their parents learning.  Share with them that you need God’s Word, you need to know more about what you don’t know about God and His plan for your life.
  2. What are you praying about?  Beyond saying grace over food, share what you go to God and ask for when you pray.  Do you have an organized list of things to pray for during your prayer time?  What do you pray for the most? For whom do you pray that may surprise them?  What do they pray for you?    As you share, your kids will learn that God is trustworthy and powerful and that He cares.
  3. Where are you striving to grow?   Take a moment to think about where you need to grow.  Maybe you don’t need a moment.  I don’t.  Everyone knows that there are areas in our lives where we are far from Christlike.  It could be things we do that we shouldn’t, or it could be things we should do that we don’t.  Kids get exasperated when they are told to grow up by people who don’t seem to be trying to grow up.  I know it is a temptation to get comfortable with our shortcomings or write them off as “just my personality.”   What a blessing for our kids to know that mom and dad know that they fall short, but are striving with God’s help to grow and become more like Jesus.
  4. Who you are trying to reach for Jesus?  The best way for our kids to learn the value of the gospel and humanity’s need for Jesus is for our kids to know that their parents are on mission for Him.  Do they know about your efforts to reach unbelieving family members or co-workers or parents on the club ball team?  Share with them your hopes, your plans, your setbacks, and your fears.   There is probably no limit to the number of times kids and youth have heard sermons about reaching out.  Perhaps they don’t reach out because they don’t ever hear about adults, including their parents, doing it so it doesn’t seem like a real thing..
  5. What you are struggling with?   Perhaps after reading the first four you have become motivated to share more with your kids.  But, perhaps you haven’t been encouraged, but convicted that you don’t have much to share.  That’s ok! Share that!   Share that you wish to be a better example for them in reading the Bible and prayer and growing and sharing your faith.  Share with them that you struggle to grow sometimes.  Share that you would like to grow together, starting now.


I needed a picture of something nosy, this is what I found.


For Crossings Camp Parents!

Crossings Parents,

Please go to this link to register your student with Crossings Camp.

This is where you fill out your student’s health history, allergies, emergency contact information, permission to treat, and your student will need to select their POI’s (Points of Interest or the events they would like to do during camp).

If you didn’t come to the meeting and haven’t done it yet, please bring your a copy of your student’s health insurance card to the church.  

Click here for PDF to help explain registering

During the registering process you will come to a Select Event screen girls will select Boone Lodge and the boys will select Evergreen Lodge

If you would like to know your balance and/or make a camp payment, Diane will be available in the church office Wednesday with that information.

Please complete this information by Wednesday, May 30th and make final payment by Sunday, June 3rd.  The payment can be turned into the office or to me.

crossings_packinglistThank you parents for supporting and encouraging your kids to attend camp.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dawn Bilbrey – 859-576-027      or Diane Baker  873-7338   diane@versaillesbaptist.org

Crossings Camp in Kentucky (outside of Louisville)  JUNE 17 -21

  • Cost of Crossings (6th and 7th grade)  $230
    • If you are going to Crossings and you paid $100 deposit, please make next payment of $100 due Sunday, May 23rd, and final payment of $30 due Sunday June 3rd unless you want to pay it all at the May 23rd meeting.
    • There is a brief meeting for those going to Crossings on Wednesday, May 23 at 6 pm.
  • The camp begins on Father’s Day, we will leave mid-afternoon hopefully giving you time to grab dinner with dad.
  • Chaperone payments for both camps are also due by Sunday, June 3rd.  Chaperones for both camps will owe $100.

For Rising 6th Grade Parents!

I’ll give you more info later, but here are  five things I suggest you do ASAP.
1.  Sign-up for the youth enewsletter here it is run from MailChimp.  Click here –>  http://eepurl.com/Kcx8P    Watch your promotions or spam folder if you aren’t receiving them.    You may get some info that isn’t relevant for the next couple weeks before your kids move up, but it would be good to go ahead and sign up.
2.  For text reminders.  You need to text @vbc4christ  to #81010    
3.  If you are on Facebook join the group  here.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/vergestudent/
4.  If you are on Facebook join the page here  
5.  If you are on Instagram find me https://www.instagram.com/kevinhash/
I tend to post mostly ministry related stuff there, quotes, or funny stuff, and picture of my kids.
I’m excited about this time of transition!  Praying for you all!
Kevin B. Hash

Kings Island on May 30th

We are going to Kings Island!

May 30th, cost $35.   LEAVING church at 730 am.  So get there before 730!  Eat before you come!  If weather is sketchy we will postpone to June 7th and refund those who can’t go.  Register by May 23rd!  Friends are welcome, but we may need to cap the number going depending on transportation.    Speaking of… we need parents to drive!

We have copies at church, but here is the  Medical Release and Permission Form Kings Island_2018